Flexible Dual-Wall Pipe:

Haviland’s flexible dual-wall pipe, SmoothFLEX, is changing the market and how you install agricultural mains. Extra crew members, equipment, and trench boxes are no longer needed. Installation time is cut in half! All while offering the same drainage rates as our Smooth Flow sticks.


  • Perfect for those areas where the water table elevation is an issue
  • Smooth inner liner allows for significantly higher flow rates
  • Increased safety in trenchless installation
  • Requires less labor and equipment on the job site
SizeLengthJumbo DiameterPipe OD

Rounded Bottom

To provide the proper support the boot should have a rounded bottom up to the spring-line of the pipe. Additional stress could be placed on the pipe if there are voids in the haunch area of the pipe. This additional stress can result in the shortening of the life of the product. More information can be found within the ASTM F-499 installation standard.


The O.D. of the pope should be at least 3″ more narrow than the boot. This excess space will allow the pipe to slip through the boot more smoothly & with less friction, thus cutting down on the force needed during installation.


To prevent damage to the pipe, caused by unnecessary force and friction during installation, it is suggested that a larger than normal bend radius be used when installing SmoothFLEX pipe.



  • Crush strength is between that of standard single wall tile and Smooth Flow stick.
  • Available in:
    • Solid
    • Perforated
    • Sand
  • Perforations are a 4-Row pattern
  • A larger boot may be required for installation