At the Haviland Companies, we will provide high quality products and services through business practices that are honest, ethical, and focused on continually improving the value we bring to our customers, our employees, our community, and our stockholders. Our Core Values guide us as we lead the industry forward and continue to provide our customers with the top notch service and products they expect.


Manufacturing is a team sport. Teamwork is a prerequisite for our reputation and success. We are in the business to help our employees achieve their potential. We strive to provide a workplace which allows employees to function together as a team, while producing superior products and to further develop existing and new markets in a way that insures a solid future and profitability for our employees, customers, and stockholders without compromising our guiding principles.


Haviland Clay Works was started in 1903 by A.J. Rust. At that time it employed about 25 area residents and manufactured only clay tile. The clay was dug from fields adjoining the plant and was shaped and fired in large walk-in kilns. In 1946 the company transferred ownership from the Mumma family, who had taken over the company in the 1920’s, to D. C. Stoller . The company continued growing, and in 1965 changed ownership to the current owners. In 1978 they began manufacturing plastic tubing. Over the past years, Haviland Drainage Products Co. has continued to grow and add new products as the need arises. Throughout the years and the many changes, superb quality and excellent service have continued to remain.